In memory of Lyn Thorne-Alder

Sometimes I forget that Addergoole is how the two of us met. Lyn was still writing the original series back then; I started reading it out of curiosity, and stayed for the magic. Stories, magic, and the Faepocalypse (the world in which Addergoole is set) were a foundational part of our friendship - so it was little surprise that we eventually wrote a book about it together.

Despite it being much, much darker than I normally go on my own, I think our work together on A Ghost Story brought out the best in both of our writing. Our strengths and weaknesses for novel-crafting were as close to a perfect complement as you can get, and I like to believe the quality of the story stands as proof of that.

I wish I could have written a book with her again - I wish we could have finished the book we were writing together. I wish I could have helped her reach her dreams of being a published novelist. But I know how much she valued her work being read - and if nothing else, I can let people do that.