Addergoole: A Ghost Story

by Lyn Thorne-Alder, Tarot St. Clair

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Addergoole. None of the new students arriving know much about their new boarding school, or why they're being sent. To some, it sounds like an adventure; to others, a cage. But the truth of the school is even better - and even worse - than they could've imagined.

Follow four teenagers through their first year as going to Addergoole changes their lives forever. Whether they like it or not.

WARNING: This series is about abuse. The books contain explicit examples of psychological and emotional abuse, severe trauma, psychosis, and mind-control, and off-screen examples of physical abuse and sexual assault.

Addergoole: A Ghost Story was written by myself and Lyn Thorne-Alder. I'm putting it on my own site since the Addergoole site is now gone.

For the other Addergoole books by Lyn, you can try the web archive and hope for the best.